17.5.2011, 6PM-8PM


The Artachment (Kunstraum Basel, is presenting the project, Keck Kiosk (the Kiosk at the Kaserne), during Art Basel 2011 and has extended an invitation for participation to other groups such as White Space (Zurich), Marks Blond (Bern) and (Biel, On each evening, from Monday to Saturday, one of the participating artspaces will be hosting the Keck kiosk. We are please that has also invited the GIBSMIR Family to partake in the project. The GIBSMIR-Family, a collaboration between artists Veronika Spierenburg, Marcel Reimer and Urs August Steiner, has worked to reinvent the art market in a playful way since 2010. The GIBSMIR-Family will present the project Action Auction and is announcing an open call to all artists for contribution. The event will take place on Friday 17 June 2011 at 18:00 at the Keck Kiosk. will sell vodka shots during the auction. The auctioneer conducts the event from the roof of the kiosk. He briefly presents and then auctions off each action. The audience has the opportunity to bid with a value in vodka shots, which are sold directly by at the kiosk. The action must be performed immediately after its sale. Each action is documented with a Polaroid photograph which is signed by the artist and subsequently sent to the buyer. The buyer deposits his address and pays the bade number vodka shots to the GIBSMIR-Family. The artist can claim the shots in the form of vouchers for drinks.

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